Bienvenue chez Gervais-Laekas Services !
Nous sommes fiers de notre capacité à offrir un service professionnel et personnel à nos clients. Nous avons une expérience pratique dans les domaines suivants :

  • Publication
  • Rédaction et correction des épreuves
  • Traduction (français-anglais)
  • Recherches généalogiques


Si vous avez un projet qui comporte tout ce qui précède, nous serions ravis de travailler avec vous.
Contactez Johanne (publication, rédaction, traduction) or Michael (auteur) à

Welcome to Gervais-Laekas Services!
We pride ourselves on our ability to provide a professional and personal service to our customers. We have hands-on experience in the following areas: 

  • Self-Publishing
  • Editing and Proofreading
  • Translating (French to English)
  • Genealogy Research


If you have a project that involves any of the above, we would be delighted to work with you.
Contact Johanne (self-publishing, editing/proofreading, translation) or Michael (writer and author) at


  1. Hello John. Pleased you enjoyed the story. I have the manuscript which is a hard-copy. I haven’t yet got around to scanning it. If you’re interested I may be able to do some work on it. Let me know. Regards

  2. John Gillingham says:


    I enjoyed reading “A Soldier’s Journey” very much. My father was an RAF prisoner of war at Lamsdorf. Are you able to advise on a means of reading Paul Juteau’s Manuscript No. 30?

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